Troll awards for Rmala Aalam:, Harvard University, Federal Investigation Agency & Punjab Police

Last week was a great one for @GruaAbuseArkive. Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, manager of Betterbonds shop in Husseini, Gojal. Her psychopathic stalking reached summits. Let’s look at her actions with Artfolio, Harvard University, Federal Investigation Agency and Punjab Police.

When Pakistani portraits are under racist and neo-colonialist attacks on Twitter

While in Pakistan, I have been, mostly, in the northern part of the country. I took pictures of the (Wakhi) people from this high mountain region. I also took pictures from other ethnicities of Pakitan, when I could. These pictures are, now, used to support racism allegations.

Pakistan: Are Alex Reynolds, and her travel blog « Lost With Purpose », fact based or reliable?

Pakistan is a new travel destination which offers fantastic opportunities for adventurous western young ladies who want to boost their media audience. However, their ascent can be as fast as their fall. The travel blogger Alex Reynolds is an example on how such icons can burn themselves very quickly.

Analysis of « Wake Up on Social Media by Ramla Akhtar »

This presentation, « Wake up to Social Media », published in 2008 by Ms Ramla Akhtar, under « NEXT by Ramla », is a very interesting one. Not that it is a technology contribution or the result of breaking through researches. It is a vision of a time close from us. However, it is already a vision from a remote past. It is a personal vision of a young educated female user, 28 years old, from a specific country, Pakistan, and from a specific social environment. It tells a lot about its author and the corresponding population segment, which can also be found in other parts of the world.

Review of « Social Entrepreneurship: How Business Can Change Communities – By Ramla Akhtar »

This is an interesting text written, in 2008, by Ramla Akhtar (today calling herself Rmala Aalam) a young urban lady, 28 years old at this time, from Pakistani lowlands. This is rather descriptive with not so much added value. However, what says this young professional about herself worth to be known, especially in connection with her current experience in remote communities of Hunza. This person has an amazing complex personality.

The People-Centered Model of Business ™ – By Ramla Akhtar

This article was written in 2006 by a young student, Ms Ramla Akhtar (nowadays calling herself « Rmala Aalam »). It is reproduced under the creative common policy. Credit is given to the author. Akhtar migrated from Karachi to the mountains of northern Pakistan in 2013, where she lives since. In May 2019, she entered into an open religious and ethnic confrontation with the minority among whom she lives. Then, 14 years after its writing, this article becomes an important document to understand the basis for a radical shift in this unusual character.

Suspension d’une usurpation d’identité diffamatoire sous Twitter

Il est excessivement difficile d’obtenir que Twitter enlève une publication. Il est encore plus exceptionnel d’obtenir que Twitter supprime un compte. C’est néanmoins ce qui a été obtenu contre la cyberdélinquante Ramla Akhtar.

Formulaire de signalement du compte @barefoot_Rmala à l’agence gouvernementale contre le cyberharcèlement

Signalement concernant les actes de la cyber-crimminelle Ramla Akhtar adressé à l’agence gouvernementale en charge du harcèlement sur Internet.

Pakistan: l’extrémisme comme conséquence de l’arriération ou comme crise de la modernité ?

Il y a vingt ans, l’attaque meurtrière du World Trade Center a mis en évidence le recours à un haut niveau de technologie. Cet avertissement a été largement sous-estimé. Le fanatisme et le terrorisme islamistes sont généralement associés au sous-développement, à l’ignorance et à la domination masculine. Cependant, il existe des indices comme quoi l’éducation et le progrès social ne seraient pas suffisants pour nous protéger de cette menace. Voici un exemple de parcours original qui met en évidence un autre aspect de cette guerre hybride.