Rmala’s Projects, also called Ramla’s Projects, in Hunza: communication, achievements, and ethics

Rmala's Projects in Hunza, achievements, actions and ethical standards evaluation Ramla’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence
Rmala’s Projects, also presented as Ramla’Projects, is a name Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, from Karachi, used to promote her sustainable and environment friendly development endeavour in Gojal, Upper Hunza Valley. After seven years in moutain region, she finally returned to Pakistani lowlands. It is the right time to evaluate her contribution to the life of the populations living in this High Asia region. It appears her questionable presence brought more troubles than benefits, if any.  

Rmala’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence – Decoding its Facebook page

Rmala’s Projects , run by Pakistani Ramla Akhtar, presents itself, according to its Facebook page, as a sort of development-oriented NGO. The reality looks different. It is rather a small, independent, fee-based business that does not hesitate to ask for public donations through charitable appeals. Moreover, a review of Ramla’s Projects past experiences does not confirm any experience or success in the range of the offered services.

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Ramla’s projects – An audit of its website promises

Ramla’s Projects is a redesign of the so-called Ramla Akhtar’s consulting firm « NEXT> by Ramla ». Then, for unknown reasons, it was renamed under the title “Rmala Projects”. The « owner » of this entity is called Ramla Akhtar, Ramla Aalam, Rmala Al’Aalam. And as public donations are solicited, this permanent name change raises questions about the lack of transparency. A review of the Ramla’s Projects website reveals internal contradictions that make it unreliable. Additional information might evidences a scam.

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Rmala’s Projects, a Pakistani scam

Rmala’s Projects, also named by Ramla’s Projects, is linked to Ramla Akhtar, nicknamed Rmala Aalam, also known as Ramla Al Alam, etc., who claims to be involved in supporting sustainable development in the high valleys of the north of the Pakistan. It is in fact a fake charitable NGO, with illegal status, using false communication, appropriating the achievements of other organizations, not complying with the standards demanded by appeal to public generosity, operating according to an anti-transparency design, engaging in criminal activity. Ramla’s Projects is a scam.

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Rmala Aalam from Rmala’s Projects, child maltreatment

We were shocked to find the following testimonies presented as comments on the “Report on a domestic hate speech against the Wakhi Minority of Chapursan”. They engaged us into a critical review of Ms Ramla Akhtar’s actions under the cover of Rmala’s Projects, or Ramla’s Projects . We consider any donation to this « organization » should be stopped until a full audit has been performed and potentially misappropriated funds have been clearly identified.

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A Rmala’s Projects web creation designed to deprive a mountain family from its livelihood

For self-promotion purpose Rmala’s Projects created web pages for a mountain family guesthouse. It was advertised as a website and a gift from a development consultant. The so-called website, actually, revealed itself as a weapon of hatred to cut off the mountain family from their guests and their source of income. We already evidenced Ramla’s Projects misconduct on internet. But, here, we have an evidence of a deceptive and malicious talent for fraud and for the use of counterfeiting.

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@GruaAbuseArkive, the main impersonating dark Twitter account from Ramla’s Projects

@GruaAbuseArkive is an « anonymous » Twitter account impersonating a French citizen, Bernard Grua. It was created and is managed by Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam. Since September 18, 2019, it has been directed towards hate speech, defamation, slanders, calumnious denunciations, calls for abuse against Western foreigners and against the local Wakhi minority living in the Chapursan Valley, northern Pakistan. Cyberstalking is the strongest expertise of Ramla’s Projects. Or, at least, the only one leading a tangible achievement.

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Rmala Aalam from Rmala’s Projects, interview with one of her victims

The following article may look aggressively worded. However, this is a strong indication of the extent to which the behavior of Rmala Alam from Ramla’s Projects can bring the people she is assaulting. Although we would have chosen a different vocabulary, we thank Mr. Bernard Grua, from Nantes, France, for this interview and for his detailed answers. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. But he managed to provide us with all the relevant evidences and documents.

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Rmala’s Projects and the beheading campaign

Ramlar Akhtar from Rmala’s Projects, aka Ramla’s Projects, is promoting a photo in which she was allegedly beheaded. Since the wave of Islamist murders in France, in 2020 fall, this Pakistani woman has repeatedly shared this story to present herself as a victim. In fact, the April 2020 photo she is referring to is an allegory of her slander and toxic rhetoric dumped from the Upper Chapursan Valley, thanks to its mighty River. This was prophetic. As of July 2021, Ramla Akhtar and Rmala’s Projects have not only escaped step by step from Chapursan Valley, but also from Gojal, Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan. Now Ms Akhtar stays in the south, somewhere in Rawalpindi. It is a strong incentive for her to revenge and to find a scapegoat for the consequences for her own bad choices.

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Rmala’s Projects, Facebook debunking group

Social entrepreneurship and support to local based development projects

Access to: Rmala’s Projects, sustainable development in #Gojal and #Hunza, #Pakistan

Ramla’s Projects in Hunza, on Pinterest

Ramla’s Projects in northern Pakistan, on Pinterest

Rmala’s Projects, aka Ramla’s Projects, visual identity

Rmala’s Projects Facebook profile photo

Rmala's Projects Facebook profile photo
Picture from Facebook group: Rmala’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence

Rmala’s Projects Facebook banner

Rmala's Projects Facebook banner
Picture from Facebook group: Rmala’s Projects – Speed Development in These Times of Collapse & Emergence

Ramla’s Projects website logo

Ramla's Projects logo, website
Source: Ramla’s Projects website

Ramla’s Projects logo on indiegogo crowdfunding platform

Ramla's Projects logo crowdfunding platform
Source: indiegogo platform

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Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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