Facing allegations of plagiarism from a Pakistani cyberstalker

An article I have written, on Medium, in March 2020 about how western vloggers misrepresent Pakistan is challenged by the Pakistani cyberstalker Ramla Akhtar, aka Rama Aalam, on Twitter. She says my publication would be a plagiarism. Actually, the text of my article and its documents are original ones resulting from my researches and from my personal writings. As far as the subject of the article is concerned, it is not an “idea” invented by Ramla Aakhtar claiming her own « property » on February 2020. It is a hot topic from years before. My article is a detailed contribution but it never pretended having created the concept under review.

Why and how to check your numerical reputation ?

Googling your name is frequently the first thing, a competitor, a future client, a future employer, a future partner, a banker, or a malevolent person, will do. It is of importance you make a periodic review of your numerical reputation to take the proper actions.

With closed borders, the  Afghan Wahan has, now, to rely on Tajik citizens solidarity for phone & internet

Afghan Wakhan is the corridor stretching between the town of Ishkashim (Afghanistan) and Chinese border. It has no public infrastructure such as hospital, actual car road and phone network. However, from Ishkashim (Afghanistan) to Gaz Khan (Afghanistan), it is possible to use the TCell network going from Ishakahim (Tajikistan) to Langar (Tajikistan), on the opposite bank of th Panj River, but buying units became a nightmare since Taliban invasion..

How a poor region of Afghanistan sinks into famine under Taliban rule

This is an outstanding but highly alarming direct testimony from an altitude remote and forgotten Afghan region. Far away from any media, the harsh and poor life of local people has been turned, by Taliban, into dereliction and extreme misery. Trapped in a full lockdown, people cannot escape what became a hell with no hope.
Those who, at an international level, whitewash the reputation of the Taliban 2.0 should reflect on the heavy responsibility they are taking.