Pakistan: leproblème du panislamisme

Imran Khan, élu Premier ministre du Pakistan en juillet 2018, a fait de la lutte contre l’islamophobie et du respect du prophète de l’islam l’une des principales, sinon la principale priorité nationale et internationale. En conséquence, depuis septembre 2020, il existe une affaire Pakistan/France sur ces questions religieuses. Elle est largement ignorée dans notre pays alors que les tensions sont très fortes au Pakistan. La plupart des analystes politiques français ne s’y penchent guère. Ils ne disposent ni d’informations précises ni de la compréhension culturelle nécessaire leur permettant d’y travailler.

The Pan-Islamism problem for Pakistan

Imran Khan, elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan in July 2018, made countering Islamophobia and demanding respect for Islam’s prophet one of his main, if not the main national and international priority. As a consequence, since September 2020, there is a Pakistan/France case about these religious issues. It is largely ignored in France, while tensions are very high in Pakistan. Many French political analysts would like to work on this, but lack the accurate information and cultural understanding needed to address it. That’s why the following article, emphasizing the « Ummah » dimension could be of great help.

Pakistan: how to deliver a final blow to Imran Khan, the godfather of terrorism in France?

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, in his speech on Monday, April 19, 2020, confirms that he wants to persist in his rhetoric promoting violence and terrorism, in the name of his crusade against Islamophobia. He thus tries to calm the riots which shake his large metropolises by using, again, the same propaganda as the one which inflamed the population. In doing so, he shows us how cornered he is. Above all, he gives us one of the keys that would allow us to hasten his fall and put an end to its nuisance, deadly for our country.

Ramla Akhtar: cas emblématique du discours pakistanais de haine raciale et religieuse contre une minorité et contre les Occidentaux

Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, est une femme instruite et radicalisée du sud Pakistan. Son discours de haine, étranger à la rationalité occidentale, laisserait penser par son argumentaire délirant, à un cas isolé. Pourtant, lorsque la France connaissait, à l’automne 2020, une série d’attentats terroristes meurtriers, il a été possible de prendre connaissance de messages effarants sur Twitter. Ils provenaient de nombreux citoyens pakistanais, mais aussi de leur gouvernement. Force est donc de reconnaître qu’Akhtar, la cyber-délinquante, représente un segment réel de la population à laquelle elle appartient. Il a semblé utile d’examiner les artifices auxquels elle a recours ainsi que les pulsions et les ressentiments qu’elle exploite afin de mieux comprendre les mécanismes en œuvre dans cette explosive partie du monde.

Pamir Trails website: treks and travel in Northern Pakistan

Pamir Trails is a trekking and tourist company based in Zood Khun, Chapursan Valley, Gojal, Upper Hunza. It can offer you accomodation and support for your adventures with guided tours on foot, on horse or on yak and present you the Wakhi culture.

Pamir Serai – Google Sites

Pamir Serai from Chapursan Valley is on « Google Sites ». Actually, it should better be called « Google pages » due to the basic options offered, despite some recent improvement of this media. This is not a supplement to Pamir Serai guest house regular website or even to its light version for fast upload. This is just an opportunity for enforcing the Pamir Serai’s numerical visibility and for testing its SEO potential, especially on Google search engine. The presentation, made here, is intended to offer powerful backlinks to these new pages.

« Extreme Travels » (Экстремальные путешествия), a Russian travel operator, blackmails a French citizen, in Pakistan, with terrorism accusations.

Olga Leonidovna Ozerova, aka Olga Sim (Ольга Сим), from « Extreme Travels in Russia » (Экстремальные путешествия)? aka « Russian Extreme Travels », aka « Trekking in Altai », is involved, in Pakistan, in an insane stalking plan. Discover her threat of hiring 10 agitators as false witnesses in order to file a terrorism case to Pakistani authorities against the French photographer and writer Bernard Grua. See how her ultimatum was slammed in an inflammatory manner. Read the debunking of her blatant lies. Understand how she is exposing at risk herself and her company.

How Alex Reynolds, Lost With Purpose, managed bad buzz as a brilliant marketing tool?

I have been impressed by the fact that the American citizen, Alex Reynolds (Lost With Purpose), was ready to « damage her business » for « telling the truth » in her video dated April 2019: « Why travel media is dangerous for Pakistan’s tourism ». More than one year after, I came to the conclusion this was not as simple and innocent as I initially believed. It resulted in a « splendid » but predatory marketing operation.

Bernard Grua portraitiste: portfolio du bout du monde

Bernard Grua photographie: portraits du bout du monde: Iakouts de Sibérie, Tsiganes et Aksakals d’Ouzbekistan, Pamiris et Kirghizes du Tadjikistan, Wahis d’Afghanistan et du Pakistan.

Chapursan Valley: are Alex Reynolds & her travel blog « Lost With Purpose », fact based or reliable?

Pakistan is a new travel destination which offers fantastic opportunities for adventurous western young ladies wanting to boost their audience. However, their ascent can be as fast as their fall. The travel blogger Alex Reynolds is an example on how irresponsible travel media people can ruin the livelihood of mountain families, despite the warm welcome and the kind hosting they enjoyed in their home.