When Pakistani portraits are under racist and neo-colonialist attacks on Twitter

While in Pakistan, I have been, mostly, in the northern part of the country. I took pictures of the (Wakhi) people from this high mountain region. I also took pictures from other ethnicities of Pakitan, when I could. These pictures are, now, used to support racism allegations.

Pakistan: Are Alex Reynolds, and her travel blog « Lost With Purpose », fact based or reliable?

Pakistan is a new travel destination which offers fantastic opportunities for adventurous western young ladies who want to boost their media audience. However, their ascent can be as fast as their fall. The travel blogger Alex Reynolds is an example on how such icons can burn themselves very quickly.

The People-Centered Model of Business ™ – By Ramla Akhtar

This article was written in 2006 by a young student, Ms Ramla Akhtar (nowadays calling herself « Rmala Aalam »). It is reproduced under the creative common policy. Credit is given to the author. Akhtar migrated from Karachi to the mountains of northern Pakistan in 2013, where she lives since. In May 2019, she entered into an open religious and ethnic confrontation with the minority among whom she lives. Then, 14 years after its writing, this article becomes an important document to understand the basis for a radical shift in this unusual character.