Unmasking a « NATO agent » in Northern Pakistan

Because of my photographic and publication work about Pamirs, Ramla Akhtar, now residing in Gilgit city, publicly and repeatedly accuses me of being a NATO agent in charge of promoting unrest and separatism in the mountainous Northern Pakistan. These unsupported allegations put my life at risk in a country as explosive as Pakistan, deeply impregnated with islamo-nationalism

Chapursan Valley: are Alex Reynolds & her travel blog « Lost With Purpose », fact based or reliable?

Pakistan is a new travel destination which offers fantastic opportunities for adventurous western young ladies wanting to boost their audience. However, their ascent can be as fast as their fall. The travel blogger Alex Reynolds is an example on how irresponsible travel media people can ruin the livelihood of mountain families, despite the warm welcome and the kind hosting they enjoyed in their home.

Pamir Serai guest houses in Chapursan Valley, Northern Pakistan, new website.

Pamir Serai guest house new website was recently designed for this Wakhi family homestay located in Chapursan Valley: Zood Khun and Baba Ghundi Ziarat. The first reason for this article is to make the new media public and to provide a powerful back link to it, so that it will be visible on Google search results. Here below are presented the different sections of the website.