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Bernard Grua, auteur NantesVous êtes sur la page d’accueil du blog de Bernard GruaRegards sur le monde.
Bernard Grua réside à NantesFrance.

Il réalise différents travaux d’expertise dans le domaine de l’inventaire en Europe de l’Ouest et aux Etats unis dans le cadre de la société Best Inventory. Diplômé de Sciences Po Paris, il est officier de Marine de réserve et photographe.

Il publie des articles professionnels ainsi que des billets sur la société civile et sur la géopolitique dans les sites suivants mentionnés dans l’encart à droite de la page. Ses photos sont visibles ici:

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Vos remarques et questions sont les bienvenues en commentaires de cette page

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14 réflexions sur « Accueil, « Regards sur le Monde » »

  1. Bernard Grua, I really like your work, and I think that with years you are growing as a photographer. Most of all, I enjoy your photos of different European cities, taken during the « blue hour ». You are a true master in that. The contrast of warm colors of buildings and sculptures and cold colors of sky or sea are really pleasing for the eyes. Also, your portraits are really good, especially those of ordinary people in towns and villages in remote places, where you have travelled, i.e., Central Asia, Ukraine, even Afghanistan. They show strong connection with the subjects and are always interesting, as you try to show « real life » of villagers in the mountains, craftsmen etc, not something they would demonstrate to tourists…
    I hope we can shoot together again sometime – in Bretagne or in my homeland. If you are in South East Asia, please also let me know, and we can plan a trip together.

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    1. Merci beaucoup, Pavlo!
      I appreciate your compliment as I always extremly valued your stunning creations that people could admire here:
      While I discovered your way of portraiting, it touched me very much. You produce an art of capturing people we cannot find in our western Europe. There is a mix of poetry, landscape, humour, beauty and creation which is truly amazing. All of this is shaped by a great attention to the general composition. Should we learn from Ukraine to get back what French « peintres paysagistes » have been able to imagine during the XVIIIth century?
      We are, all, the result of a culture. Or, if you prefer, the result of numerous influences. You are a great source of inspiration for me. However, your talent is unique and not duplicable. You are a strong incentive to exceed my limits. Many thanks for that, too.
      Once again, I invite everybody to discover your outstanding photos on Flickr.


  2. Bernard Grua, I am very happy to know such a nice person as you are. Being always in good mood, smiling and helpful, you make this world better. I remember when you helped me with an important issue in economics when I got a task at my university. When I look at your social activity, I get inspired, and I wonder when you get time to be involved in helping to solve so many important issues. I wish you good luck in your future projects and thank you that you are making a change in this world!

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    1. Natalia, I hope I have been more efficient than from Frankfurt when I was trying to help you about a VAT case communicating with you as you were in Poland. 🙂 I realized that I neglected for a too long period my business taxes education. All together we have done better things with the international mobilisation against a maritime threat. For sure.


    1. Oleksei, I appreciate your feed back. Taking photos is more than a hobby. However, it is not my job. At least untile now… Though some of my creations are distributed by Getty Images. I have the opportunity to travel a lot for my real job. I perform inventories. I try to carry my camera. Sometimes, after my job, after my travel to the next place, I shoot the begining of the night. My schedule just let me this opportunity. However, I discovered that the « blue hour » was, very often, the best period for taking pictures. Funny life!
      It would be my pleasure to continue our communication about photography.


  3. Bernard Grua, I’ve known you for more than 4 years as a very talented photographer and what I like the most in your photos is that you try to portray everything like it is, in the most natural way. Sometimes I’m really curious how you could take photos in such dangerous situations, how you could manage to capture the episodes where there was a very small probability of catching those moments. It seems to me that this is not just talent and hard work but a sense of intuition which can rarely occur in the art of photography.
    Besides, thanks for supporting Ukraine and for such marvelous photos from the Revolution of Dignity that could serve as some evidence for investigating the crimes in Maidan.
    Finally, I wish you not to stop in your career. The world is a beautiful place with a lot of extraordinary events, things and phenomena that need to be shot and displayed. Kudos, good job and good luck!

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    1. Markiyan Tkhir, from Ivano Frankivsk, thank you for this wonderful comment. Your city is amazing. What a bunch of talented people! Unique portraitists and wonderful writers. Should I add fine analysts, too? You are able to read in my mind. Though, all of this might not be real, it is what I expect to do. What impress me, here, is that I have not been able to formulate, even in French, my goals in such a sharp definition. Markiyan, I wish you all the best and would be glad to share not adventures or endeavours with you.


  4. Bernard Grua,
    I just want to thank you for your help that important day we have met.
    That day could go much harder if it were not for you!
    Thank you for being such a good, brave, interesting and talanted person.
    Our frienship is a honor for me!

    I wish you to gain all your goals!

    P.S. I’ll never forget that day, hope so will you

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    1. Mary Kuznetsova, none of us will ever forget that day, too. You have been very courageous. I remember first time I met with you, Yaroslava and Sasha. We all had some stress thinking about a foreign young lady who will demonstrate alone in front of the French ministry of Defense. Actually the guards where smilling to this stunning visit (what french man would not?) but it could have gone in a more difficult way. We should not forget that we got extra-support. The presence of Kristian Åström (from the Swedish national radio, who did an amazing reportage about St Nazaire and this « piquet ») and the presence of Raphael Tresanini from Canal+ with a cameran. They were providential. It cooled down the police which wanted to get you, Yaroslava and Sasha in the police station. I guess someone did not want having images of Ukrainians taken by police on French TV while opposition against Mistral delivery became a big media and international issue. Moreover, it was a peaceful event. After it, you could explain to the police why you were there. Policemen and women were friendly enough to show interest and understanding. Saving time by avoiding Police invitation for tea 😉 , we could have a nice walk in the old streets, cross the « Esplanade des Invalides » and enjoy a sunny picnic in the « Champs de Mars » gardens at the bottom of the Eiffel tower. Your video is really welcome. It is a tangible remembrance of this memorable November 30th, 2014.


    1. Many thanks Yuta. Actually we met thru pictures long before we knew each other. It is interesting you mention photography. I remember this first Euromaidan demonstration in Paris on November, 24, 2013. I attented it thinking to my Ukrainian friends of Ukraine. I thought it was a way to try to support them. I knew no Ukrainians in Paris. Numerous months after, I could put names on some faces, inculding this one 😉 Yuta Euromaidan Photo bernard Grua
      I am delighted you pay also attention to other captures I have the opportunity to do.


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