Pamir Institute website presentation

Pamir has always been a remote and abandoned region of Upper Asia. Today, however, the people face rapid and shocking upheaval due to the terrorist threat, the Taliban irruption, Chinese expansion, and external interference from Pakistan in Afghanistan. This reinforces the need for a transnational vision. Therefore, the Pamir Institute is a think tank embracing all the Pamirs of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The Pamir Institute does not advertise any commercial establishment. The Pamir Institute is not part of any government propaganda or political party.

Bernard Grua portraitiste: portfolio du bout du monde

Bernard Grua photographie: portraits du bout du monde: Iakouts de Sibérie, Tsiganes et Aksakals d’Ouzbekistan, Pamiris et Kirghizes du Tadjikistan, Wahis d’Afghanistan et du Pakistan.

Tusion, the hidden gem of Pamir

Tusion (also spelled  Tosion, Tusiyan, Tusen, Тусен) is a wide village situated on Sharldara River a tributary of the Shakhdara (ending in Khorog, in Gunt River). It is spread in numerous settlements on a part of the Eastern slope of the Ishkashim Range.
Its average altitude is around 2 650 m. Though, upper village is closer to 2 900 m. Tusion is roughly located 25 km South-East of Khorog. The Tusion upper village is connected to the Roshtqala-Khorog « main road » with a long and strongly climbing up rough road.