« Shtandart », a Russian ghost ship in La Rochelle?

On La Rochelle market, this Saturday, June 25, 2022, a Ukrainian national saw Vladimir Martus, captain of the Russian frigate, Shtandart. However, the ship, contrary to her habit, was not visible in the city center. Therefore, another activist went to the Atlantic port of La Pallice, located on the outskirts of the agglomeration. Shtandart vessel, which could not be seen from outside the port enclosure, was hidden by the submarine base and by warehouse buildings.

Intimidation attempt and potential usurpation of public authority in connection with the Russian ship « Shtandart » case.

In connection with the case of the Russian ship, Shtandart, very strange things are happening in La Rochelle. An intriguing character claiming to belong to French security services terrorizes the members of a Franco-Ukrainian couple to obtain information about a person they do not know. It needs to be checked whether this individual is mandated by his superiors or whether he is acting on his own initiative. One can even wonder if the spook is really a French intelligence person. These questions are sent to the « préfet » of Charente-Maritime.

Sorry, Captain Martus, the « Shtandart » frigate is not an anti-putin ship.

Not pleased enough with enjoying a complacent and unsceptical media coverage, Vladimir Martus, the captain of the russian frigate, « Shtandart », would like to give some substance to the tale he is promoting. He wants to be co-opted into the circle of anti-putin activists engaged in tangible actions for many years. This infiltration and instrumentation attempt, like the one that was carried out with the association « Aidons l’Ukraine 17 », is not accepted and faces a strong clarification.

Réponse à Vladimir Martus, commandant de la frégate russe Shtandart

Le 15 juin 2022, Vladimir Martus, commandant d’une frégate russe, a publié un commentaire sous l’article détaillant les nombreux problèmes soulevés par la présence fréquente de son navire dans le port français de La Rochelle. Voici, ci-dessous, la réponse qui lui est faite. Il est souligné, qu’en raison de la guerre russe en Ukraine, exhiber le drapeau russe est un outrage à la décence et à l’humanité, indépendamment de tout discours sincère ou de convenance. Une solution est proposée au Commandant Martus, tenant compte de son intérêt personnel et de celui de son navire.

Answer to Vladimir Martus, Captain of the Russian Frigate Shtantard

On June 15, 2022, Vladimir Martus, Captain of a Russian frigate posted a comment under the article detailing the numerous issues raised by the frequent presence of his ship in the French harbour of La Rochelle. Here below is the answer made to him. It is reminded, that, because of the Russian war in Ukraine, showing off such a flag is an outrage to humanity, regardless any sincere or fabricated speech. A solution is proposed to him, taking into account his personal interest and the one of his ship.