Vigo, what you need to know about Russian ship Shtandart.

Short URL: The Russian sailing ship « Shtandart » has been very efficient in bypassing the 5th package of sanctions that prohibits the entrance of Russian vessels in European ports. Its narrative is turned in a way that creates sympathy preventing media to question its bona fide character. Here are some of the numerous facts thatLire la suite « Vigo, what you need to know about Russian ship Shtandart. »

Reporting to Maritime Authorities: Shandart, Russian tall ship, sailing in French territorial waters without AIS

I confirm that the Russian three-masted ship « Shtandart », MMSI: 273452840, is sailing in Spanish and French territorial waters, having deactivated its AIS since June 6, 2022, i.e. for more than three weeks.

Answer to Vladimir Martus, Captain of the Russian Frigate Shtantard

On June 15, 2022, Vladimir Martus, Captain of a Russian frigate posted a comment under the article detailing the numerous issues raised by the frequent presence of his ship in the French harbour of La Rochelle. Here below is the answer made to him. It is reminded, that, because of the Russian war in Ukraine, showing off such a flag is an outrage to humanity, regardless any sincere or fabricated speech. A solution is proposed to him, taking into account his personal interest and the one of his ship.