Sorry, Captain Martus, the « Shtandart » frigate is not an anti-putin ship.

Sorry, Captain Martus, the « Shtandart » frigate is not an anti-putin ship.

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Not pleased enough with enjoying a complacent and unsceptical media coverage, Vladimir Martus, the captain of the russian frigate, « Shtandart », would like to give some substance to the fiction he is promoting. He wants to be co-opted into the circle of anti-putin activists engaged in tangible actions for many years. This infiltration and instrumentation attempt, like the one that was carried out with the association « Aidons l’Ukraine 17 », is not accepted and faces an unavoidable clarification.

Captain Martus,

Everyone was able to read the article and the video published by Mr. Ludovic Sarrazin on Aunis TV dated June 16, 2022, as a reaction to a Ukrainian flashmob , four days before, in front of Shtandart ship.

Fregate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus, Aunis TV

I don’t know if you really give credit to what is told in this paper.
Anyway, the day before its publication, you asked me to be co-opted as an anti-putin activist through publications on my blog. You have already taken control of the association assisting Ukrainian nationals who are victims of the rashist war, to the point of allowing you to speak on their behalf and to disqualify, in a shocking victimhood inversion. Here, now, you would like to speak for the anti-putin activists. I’m dumbfounded.
As surprising as it may seem, it is, nevertheless, what you expose below.

I would like to be able to address to my compatriots from Ukraine who has proposed this material to you. I see your Blog as very good platform for discussion about ways to fight Putin’s regime, and I here want to make a proposal of uniting efforts for that. But before I send my comments, I would like to be certain that they would be published, and thus will achieve the ears of the audience, unchanged. Could you please kindly confirm (or reject) this request. You have a risk of offering your media as a tribune to the person thinking differently. Please study my instagram (for instance this ) before you answer.

Sincerely yours

Vladimir Martus 15 Juin 2022
Texte traduit de l’anglais

Captain, you say: « I would like to be able to address to my compatriots from Ukraine who has proposed this material * to you. » The fact that you invoke, opportunistically, and since very recently, a partially Ukrainian ancestry does not change the fact that Ukrainians are not your compatriots. You have a russian citizenship. Your vessel is under the russian flag. Before February 24, 2022, all your statements were those of a russian citizen, proud of his country and its history, including after the year 1999. Since 2009, you always have said that you wanted to return to your favorite city, Saint- Petersburg. No. Russians are not Ukrainians. Only poorly educated French people believe in this all-russian imperialist myth. Read my text: « Everything opposes Ukrainian Culture and russian culture”.

Note: * when Captain Martus speaks of “material”, he refers to the turpitudes of the Shtandart, her captain and her La Rochelle agent, Mr. Ludovic Pacciarella, exposed on June 13, 2022 “The scandal of the russian ship “Shtandart” in La Rochelle harbour” (FR & UKR).

Frégate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus,  ce que sont les Ukrainiens
Kyiv, Maidan, december 24, 2013 – Photo Bernard Grua

You add: « I see your Blog as very good platform for discussion about ways to fight Putin’s regime, and I here want to make a proposal of uniting efforts for that. » Captain, I find no tangible achievement or even public display by you or by your ship to substantiate this claim. Suspending a bunch of pennants from different countries threatened or attacked by russia in the rigging, like so many warrior trophies, is not showing opposition. It is its contrary. Let’s be clear, I see no reasons why we should grant you an anti-putin activist status. In order to keep your business in Western Europe, it is true that you had a few words, after February 24, 2022, against the Kremlin dictator. They can deceive those who want to be deceived. They will never deceive true anti-putin activists. Activists will see in it, at best, the deceptive tactics of russian propaganda. Some might even fear a fifth column. In this letter, you can very briefly see some images of real anti-putin activism. There is nothing like this from you or from Shtandart ship.

Frégate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus,  manif devant le Smolny
September 7, 2014, demonstration in front of 500 putin’s sailors occupying St Nazaire aboard the Smolny – demonstration organized by No Mistrals for Putin (B. Grua)
Frégate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus, départ du Smolny
December 8, 2014, Poutine’s sailors leave France without the Mistral invasion ship they came to pick up.

Anyway, it’s too late to stop the mass criminal you ingenuously claim to oppose. You had to worry about it, at least, as early as 2014. Since then, putinism cancer has spread its metastases throughout russian society. We see the terrible consequences today. The problem now is russia’s all-out war in Ukraine and the genocide perpetrated by your fellow russians. This is what we need to stop.

Frégate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus, manifestation pour Sentsov
Flashmob Nantes, June 16, 2018, for the release of putin’s hostages, organized by Bernard Grua

You demand: « … before I send my comments, I would like to be certain that they would be published, and thus will achieve the ears of the audience, unchanged. » Of course, you will be welcome as a contributor to my blog, once you leave the ground of the European Union and its territorial waters. But you cannot impose your conditions. This platform is my blog. It is named under my personal and real identity. I am its sole responsible and editor. You won’t perform, with my blog, what you or your agent, Mr. Ludovic Pacciarella, have managed to do with « Aidons l’Ukraine 17 », a lobbyist tool for the benefit of a russian ship, the Shtandart. I’m sure that even a russian captain knows what « seul maître à bord après Dieu » means. In any case, everybody can browse the French paper and TV press to see that you have all the required media to promote your narrative. Moreover, these same media never considered checking your allegations or those shared by your agent. No lobbyist in our country could have dreamed of such luck. Eventually, don’t forget that you also have the Shtandart’s website to express yourself.

Frégate Shtandart, Vladimir Martus, manifestation devant le Katorza
Nantes, demonstration in front of the Katorza movie theater against the annexationist russian film festival: « From Lviv to the Urals ». Festival canceled at the request of Andriy Sadovyi, mayor of Lviv. Read: « Press review of a russian-cinematographic маскировка (maskirovka) in Nantes« 

I do not understand what you mean by « You have a risk of offering your media as a tribune to the person thinking differently. » I know my risks and I manage them. Above all, I oppose your encroaching or interference into my own personal choices. You command: “Please study my instagram”. I know your ship perfectly for years. I am deeply shocked by your occupation of a French port, in contradiction with the unanimous decision of the European Union countries. I am also chocked by your display, in La Rochelle, of a bloody national flag becoming, more and more, the symbol of war crimes, if not crimes against humanity. I spoke about it extensively here: Answer to Vladimir Martus, Captain of the russian Frigate Shtantard. Oleksiy Goncharenko, member of the Verkhovna Rada and member of the permanent delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, sent a letter on this subject to the mayor of La Rochelle, Mr Jean-François Fountaine. A copy was sent to the Préfet of Charente-Maritime. « Лист народного депутата Олексія Гончаренка до мера міста Ла-Рошель щодо російського корабля «Штандарт»«  (Lettre du député Oleksiy Goncharenko au Maire de La Rochelle concernant le navire russe Shtandart)

Captain, while Ukraine is going through dramatically painful circumstances as a result of the russian invasion, I urge you to show decency. I expressly ask you not to add harmful confusion to the quest for truth and to refrain from any odious diversion. Neither you nor the Shtandart are representative of anti-putin activists, whether russian, Ukrainian, French, Charentais or Breton. Your hijacking attempt is doomed.

Sincerely yours

Bernard Grua, Lieutenant de Vaisseau (ER), Nantes

Addendum: anti-putin staging and appeal to the generosity of the public.

This post on the Shtandart Facebook page is a good summary of the problems with this Russian ship and the doubts it raises.

The captain of the Shtantard asks for a petition to be signed in his favor and appeals to the generosity of the public.

The Shtandart is a Russian ship. It belongs to a country under European sanctions, yet it appeals to the generosity of the French public as shown in the second link. Is this acceptable, even legal?

The appeal to the generosity of the public is made in the name of the « opposition » to Putin as shown by the first link leading to a petition wishing to accredit this fable. We are well aware that such a position has been taken by all the offices of Russian influence in France and by all the entities wishing to pursue their business there.

The most embarrassing point is the fact that the Shtandart claims both to appeal to the generosity of the public, for a Russian ship, and to appeal to the generosity of the public, for the Ukrainian populations, victim of the Russian war. Collection is organized on board. There is a risk of confusion for the donors. There may be a risk on the final destination of the donations. Such an ambiguity cannot be accepted, not to mention the instrumentalization of the discourse relate to the aid to Ukrainians as a means of advertising the Russian ship.

Appeal to the generosity of the public by the Shtandart
Second link leading to the collection of donations from the generosity of the public.
Petition for the Shtandart.
First link asking for the maintenance of the Shtandart’s derogation from European sanctions in the name of an « alliance » against the war

Other English and Ukrainian articles regarding Shtandart’s case in La Rochelle.

All articles also have their French version.


Publié par Bernard Grua

Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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