Rally against Russian frigate « Shtandart » in Bilbao, 31/07/2022

A rally of Ukrainians, accompanied by local activists, was held on Sunday morning July 31, 2022, against the presence of the Russian frigate « Shtandart » in the port of Bilbao. Among other things, the demonstrators accuse Shtandart of:

violating the 5th package of European sanctions,
falsely claiming to be an opponent to Putin’s regime,
promoting the Russian flag, symbol of the worst crimes committed on European soil since 1945,
being an element of the Russian propaganda and « soft power »,
creating a diversion from the war.

Vigo, what you need to know about Russian ship Shtandart.

Short URL: https://bit.ly/vigo-information-shtandart-en The Russian sailing ship « Shtandart » has been very efficient in bypassing the 5th package of sanctions that prohibits the entrance of Russian vessels in European ports. Its narrative is turned in a way that creates sympathy preventing media to question its bona fide character. Here are some of the numerous facts thatLire la suite « Vigo, what you need to know about Russian ship Shtandart. »

« Hay qué precioso lo del flamenco!! »

Madrid, l’héritière infortunée Passer une semaine, en février, à Madrid est une perspective agréable. Toutefois, Madrid, en tant que capitale, n’a pas de chance. Barcelone est une ville de taille équivalente. Elle est bordée de plage. Elle a un patrimoine architectural très supérieur. Le « Bari Gotic » est le centre médiéval le mieux conserve d’Europe. ALire la suite « « Hay qué precioso lo del flamenco!! » »