Shtandart’s 2021 mission under the auspices of the President of Russia

According to a well shared and used narrative, Shandart frigate is said to be an anti-Putin ship and her captain, is granted the status of a visceral Putin opponents for years, at least since 2009. Shtandart also claims to not receive any public funding from Russian state. It did not prevent Shtandart vessel to perform an official Russian assignment under the auspice of the Russian president as late as 2021 as evidenced by a Greek publication.

Everything opposes Ukrainian culture and « Russian culture »

In order to get out of a deadly multi-centennial scheme, brought to its paroxysm since February 24, 2022, Ukrainian culture cannot and must not coexist with Russian culture, in the same space and during the same event. It is a basic prophylaxis.