Interview with « Stop-Trolls » about a new troll conspiracy theory: the « secretly coordinated terror campaign »

We interviewed Bernard Grua, a French traveler, to get an explanation about, a new conspiracy, the «secret terror campaign », he was supposed, according to the Pakistani Ramla Akhtar (RA), being managing against her. We wanted to know if it was a tangible, a staged, a neurotic or a paranoiac assessment. Eventually, our talks did not help us to find the proper qualification. However, this outstanding interview made us exploring a parallel world where a virtual reality could be the norm. We are grateful to Bernard for our initiation to the dark maze of a troll from a celestial dimension.


This article is a repost of the one published by « Stop-Trolls » following an interview given to them about an extremist troll from Pakistan.

Stop-Trolls (ST): Are you aware of this terror accusation?

Bernard Grua (BG): One more, one less… Where is the problem? Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam (RA) permanently creates fake news. See § 4.1. Censure and cooking contradictions, fake news building. I will not spend my life debunking this psychedelic case. It is useless. I wrote my extensive paper and addressed all the main issues. Game over. Now, I make sure it goes « to whom it may concern » and that’s all. But I will answer to you. I see your deep interest for this extremely unusual troll. I am in Nantes, Bretagne, not in Paris, not in Pakistan. I am not the conductor of a fantastic symphony for a contract less faded starlet starving for recognition. As I said, the only thing I did was to publish an article, actually more a kind of audit report – « Hunza: exploring the hidden secrets of Chapursan Valley with the Black Mountain Dragon » (Note ST: in this interview, all paragraph numbers will refer to this publication). I will explain you privately how I did to maximize its search engines response. The only thing I am doing, now, is to make sure it is actually shared. By the way, thank you for having reposted it on your website, with your own introduction. 

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No Freedom for Hate Speech!

This is the incredible story of a troll called Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, from one of the ethnicities ruling Pakistan who teases religious extremism against Wakhis, a small peaceful minority from Persian origin and Ismaili faith living in high valley of Pakistan.

It should not be a Facebook decision that a man is innocent or guilty.

I strongly oppose the way a hatred campaign is fuelled against a man, his family and his community. It is not “the justice” as invocated by a freak. It is injustice. It is dangerously irresponsible when an ethnic and religious minority is concerned, especially in a country “as explosive as Pakistan” (own troll’s words). This is not acceptable! 

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Chapursan, quand la nuit de Zoodkhun dévoile l’univers

Eloigné de toute source de pollution, y compris lumineuse, Zoodkhun, village de haute montagne situé au bout de la vallée de Chapursan, est un lieu exceptionnel pour observer le ciel nocturne.

Zoodkhun, les rayons du soleil descende dans la vallée de Chapursan
Zood Khun, crêtes occidentales, la lumière descend dans la vallée 05:45, début Août

La porte vers un autre monde sans limites

Aux confins de l’Asie Centrale et au bout de l’étroite vallée de Chapursan, Zoodkhun est entouré sur trois côtés par les hautes montagnes du Karakoram, de l‘Hindou Kusch et du Pamir. Dès la fin du crépuscule, s’impose le sentiment d’être dans un milieu quasiment clos plutôt que dans un large espace encerclé par les bords inférieurs d’une voûte céleste dont l’observateur se trouverait au centre. En levant les yeux, il lui semble que le vrai monde ne se trouve pas sur la planète où il se tient. Celle-ci n’en serait qu’une infime cellule. Car la nuit n’est ni noire, ni bleue. Elle n’est pas «une». Elle n’est pas un couvercle. Elle n’existe pas. C’est un jour différent. Le jour d’un univers gigantesque et brillant.

Zoodkhun, à lheure ou les étoiles s'allument
Les dernières lueurs du soleil n’ont pas encore disparu. Mais l’air est tellement pur qu’ une multitude d’étoiles est déjà visible .
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