Press review of a Russian-cinematographic маскировка (maskirovka) in Nantes

The case of the film festival named « From Lviv to the Urals » evidenced how difficult it is to counter the pro-Russian lobby, if not a pro-Putin one, in Nantes, France. However, for our nationals, it only impacted a small local circle of cinephiles and agents of influence. On the other side, it revealed a Nantes diaspora and a refugee community, both from Ukraine, unanimously shocked. It aroused general outrage in Ukraine, where Russia systematically commits war crimes. The press review reveals that our media generally reacted naively and with lack of healthy scepticism. They shared an incomplete information, when it was not a misleading one.

Everything opposes Ukrainian culture and « Russian culture »

In order to get out of a deadly multi-centennial scheme, brought to its paroxysm since February 24, 2022, Ukrainian culture cannot and must not coexist with Russian culture, in the same space and during the same event. It is a basic prophylaxis.