PamirSerai guesthouses in Chapursan valley. Fast loading website introduction

Pamir Serai guest houses offer a Wakhi family homestay at Zood Khun and Baba Ghundi Ziarat in the high Chapursan Valley, Pakistan. Added to the main website, a simpler one was designed for travelers enabling them a fast loading in case of poor connection. The first reason for this article is to make the new media public and to provide powerful back-links to it, so that it will be launched and made visible on Google search results. The different sections of the fast loading website are presented here below.

Comment débloquer le partage d’un site « Blogger » (extension sur Facebook et sur Instagram?

Facebook, et de ce fait Instagram, ont mis en place un module automatique bloquant quasi-systématiquement le partage des sites-web sous l’extension « ». En effet, Blogger étant une plateforme gratuite pour laquelle il n’existe que très peu de moédration, chacun peut y créer un blog afin de véhiculer des images ou des textes qui seraient bannis sur les réseaux sociaux. Il existe un moyen assez simple de sortir de ce blocage extrêmement pénalisant, si votre contenu n’est pas répréhensible. Nous l’examinerons pas à pas.

Twitter carousel makes bullies working for you on Twitter & on Google search engine

Having a rabid anonymous psychopath running after you on Twitter might look uncomfortable. Yes it is, at least at the beginning. But there is a very positive side, undiscovered until now, that should be estimated at its proper value. Stalkers, bullies and other web cankers are working for you. They can open a powerful and unexpected window in your favor. That’s the evidence I got recently. Let me explain you how it works.

Pamir Serai guest houses in Chapursan Valley, Northern Pakistan, new website.

Pamir Serai guest house new website was recently designed for this Wakhi family homestay located in Chapursan Valley: Zood Khun and Baba Ghundi Ziarat. The first reason for this article is to make the new media public and to provide a powerful back link to it, so that it will be visible on Google search results. Here below are presented the different sections of the website.