Twitter carousel makes bullies working for you on Twitter & on Google search engine

Twitter Carousel on Google - SEO - Ereputation - Public Image - Improve Google search result - Bernard Grua
Having a rabid anonymous psychopath running after you on Twitter might look uncomfortable. Yes it is, at least at the beginning. But there is a very positive side, undiscovered until now, that should be estimated at its proper value. Stalkers, bullies and other web cankers are working for you. They can open a powerful and unexpected window in your favor. That’s the evidence I got recently. Let me explain you how it works.

The Graal, on Twitter, for a community manager, is to have a carousel on his first SERP.

SERP is the Search Engine Result page. Here we will talk about Google page results for a search under a name or a brand.
Chris Silver Smith on « Search Engine Land » in « Here’s how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results » says:

« Whether you are working to try to displace negative content or trying to better engineer your online brand identity and proactively manage your reputation, Twitter is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. »

« A carousel of tweets can be pretty attention-grabbing and takes up a significant amount of vertical space on the results page. Some companies, like Whole Foods and ThinkGeek, enjoy having their name searches invoke the featured tweet carousel frequently »

Whole Foods Market's  carousel - Source: Chris Silver Smith
Whole Foods Market’s carousel – Source: Chris Silver Smith
ThinkGeek's carousel - Source: Chris Silver Smith
ThinkGeek’s carousel – Source: Chris Silver Smith

Who is granted a carousel?

The strong accounts that I follow have, except one, no Twitter carousels on Google. Although they are well-known influencers and recognized experts in their area of specialization.

Twitter accounts 2020/05/26TweetsFollowingFollowersCarousel
Gerard Araud
Former ambassador to UN & USA
44 K1.6 K68.7 KYes
Nicolas Tenzer
Geopolitics researcher
43 K12 K17 KNo
Bruno Tertrais
Geopolitics researcher
18 K0.6 K16.8 KNo
Johanna Roland
Nantes mayor
8 K1.3 K54.6 KNo
Ariane Chemin
« Le Monde » Grand reporter
6.5 K3.1 K66.5 KNo
Just former French Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Gérard Araud, has a Twitter carousel on Twitter among these Important French influencers
The Twitter carousel of his Excellency, Mr. Gérard Araud
My Twitter carousel on Google first SERP

Of course, my Twitter account is nothing compared to the one of his Excellency, Mr. Gérard Araud. Then, how is it possible I get the same treatment than this gentleman? Because I am an influencer… As incredible as it might be seen.

A ridiculously small account not electable for Twitter carousels?

Chris Silver Smith explains the conditions in the aforementioned article for getting a Twitter carousel on Google

  1. Develop at least a few hundred followers.
  2. Tweet frequently.
  3. Increase your engagement.
  4. Interact with other Twitter accounts.
  5. Use popular hashtags and tweet about popular events.
  6. Tweet compelling content — memes, pics, videos.
  7. Incorporate emojis.
  8. Tweet humorous riffs involving other Twitter accounts or current events.
  9. Tweet consistently

I meet none of these criterias. My Twitter account appears very weak. I have less than 100 followers. I am following almost two times more accounts than I have followers. Since the opening of my account, I have posted an average quantity of 285 Tweets per year. This is nothing.

My Twitter account, a ridiculous small one (header is a personal picture of Kairouan mosque in Tunisia)

The reason is simple. I carefully monitor my web image and my E-reputation. I considered Twitter has a poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is extremely un-frequent that a tweet is shown on Google results. Loosing time on Twitter does not make sense for me. I come on Twitter to keep my backyard clean. I don’t expect anything more. However, I reached the Graal without even thinking about it, without knowing this Graal exists.

A rabid stalker, is promoting the minor account of her victim.

Twitter is not an important Social Media for me.

As explained above I come on Twitter to keep my backyard clean. I want that any search under my name, on Twitter, leads to my posts, not to the slandering ones of a pyschopath. That’s why I frequently mention my full name, Bernard Grua, my Twitter username @BernardGrua, and my hashtag, #BernardGrua. Though, it looks a bit weird and narcissist, I have, nowadays no other choice. Because it works. Then, why I got this carousel? I did nothing for it. Who « gave » it to me?

I am important account for a hater, then for Twitter.

The total of Tweets produced by the two accounts of Ms Ramla Akhtar, my stalker from Ramla’s Projects (also called Rmala’s Projects), was 9 358 (7,015+2,243), as of May 23, 2020. This is more than Ms Ariane Chemin or Ms Johanna Roland who deliver tangible information. They have respectively 54.6 K and 66.5 K followers (see above) versus 121 units for Ms Akhtar on her first account and 106 units on her second account.

The figures become more extravagant over the last 8 months. Between September 18, 2019 (the first day of her attacks against me) and May 23, 2020, Ms Ramla Akhtar produced 6 250 (5,357+1,163) tweets. This inflation reveals how intense is the stalking. The following analytics are either incomplete or minorating the dimension of the cyber-criminal endeavor. However, they confirm that stalking is the aim of Ms Akhtar strong activity on Twitter. It also show that me, « Bernard Grua », I am the main target.

Ms Ramla Akhtar’s main Twitter account is, nowadays, named @GruaAbuseArkive. She used another one, @CopingWithCovid, during a bit more than one month when she was suspended by Twitter for impersonation.

How a cyber-criminal made my account important for Twitter


Let’s explain that I am under Ms Ramla Akhtar’s fire because I made three negative comments under the racist and pornographic conspiracy theory she published in an open Facebook group against the peaceful Wakhi minority of #Chapursan Valley in the high mountains of northern Pakistan. See: « Report of a French traveler about the Chapursan Valley, Pakistan« . The accusation she uses is the most allegated on by far-right extremists all over the world. It is #pedophile. Infuriated by my comments and to silence an external witness, Ms Akhtar is stalking and doxing me. This is as simple as blackmail. Although, some other reasons such as radicalization, mental troubles, religious fanatism and xenophobia, toxic influence of her friend, Ms Olga Leonidovna Ozerova from Russian Extreme Travels, are part of the problem. That’s why #Nantes, my city, is so often mentioned via hashtags. That’s also the reason why my Mayor and the President of @NantesMetropole, @Johanna_Rolland, is spammed by her, as is @PoliceNat44, the Twitter username of Nantes Police.

For information, Ms @MahrukhBeg is a lady of Lahore who revealed, years ago, Ms Akhtar’s own child abuse to law enforcement. Consequently, she is under fire too. Even if she, never, twitted about Ms Akhtar. #COVID19 and #Coronavirus hashtags are the unsuccessful tools of the stalker in trying to gather an audience. As she explained in her wrong and obsolete Social Media model, it is important to surf on the trend. In the previous months she was frenetically Tweeting about #MeToo, presenting herself as a key activist and even as a martyr of a cause, that she forgot since it is not in the mood anymore. A few years ago, Ms Akhtar’s main Tweeting subject was the Kashmir earthquake. Surfing on other people distress is the core sourcing of her expected audiences. Let’s review some analytic tools to understand this activity.

Stalker’s analytics

Analysis of @GruaAbuseArkive account is incomplete. Though, it evidences its criminal dimension.

Due to technical limits, only the last 3,200 tweets of the account are reported. Remember, on this account, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alaam, from Rmala’s Projects, sent 5 357 Tweets in 8 months. Then, more than 2 000 tweets are not part of the above figure scope. Three months ago, on February 14, 2020, this cyber-criminal already sent 1,000 tweets against, me, Bernard Grua as evidenced below and presented in the « Formal Demand Notice«  sent to her.

By February 14, 2020, in 5 months, 1,000 harassment tweets were sent by the same user, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Ramla Aalm
By February 14, 2020, in 5 months, 1,000 harassment tweets were sent by the same user

Then, even if the figures do not reveal the complete volume of harassment, the malevolent dedication of this first Twitter account is evidenced.

Main information from 3,200 tweets sent by Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam on @GruaAbuseArkive
Main information from 3,200 tweets sent by Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam on @GruaAbuseArkive
Analysis of @CopingWithCovid is minorating the proportion of the stalkings. Though it brings an extra confirmation.

The 2,343 tweets reviewed include 1,162 Tweets posted before the beginning of the stalking campaign, i.e. September 18, 2019. However, the criminal orientation of this account is, here too, obvious. Only this massive Twitter stalking can explain why Twitters considers the victim account as an important one, allowing great opportunities.

Main information from 2,340 tweets sent by Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam on @CopingWithCovid
Main information from 2,340 tweets sent by Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam on @CopingWithCovid

Results of Ms Ramla Akhtar stalking and defamation campaign on Twitter

The consequence of such a massive stalking is to give some importance to the user account of the target even if it is a minor account. It offers, thanks to the carousel, a high visibility to his tweets where he can promote a positive image of himself.

Meanwhile, the aggressor tweeting under an anonymous and/or an impersonated account does not contribute to the reputation of the stalker, which is 100% in the hands of the victims for SERP’s and for Twitter as more explained here: « How a heavy Social Media campaign based on Ms Ramla Akhtar’s model missed its goals & had painful counter-effects? »

To solve this disastrous situation, The only solution for Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, would be to communicate under one or two of her identities (real name or alias). Although it would be contrary to her anonymous denunciator’s methods, it would grant slow positive effects. But, we made sure thet this option is not possible anymore. As a consequence, Ms Ramla Akhtar’s Social Media campaign proved to be a numerical suicide.

Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, is operating in an international judicial loop hole. It is likely, though not certain, that if she was targeting someone of her country, Pakistan, she would have been stopped. According to Nantes High Court and to local lawyers, if she would be stalking from a French location, her activity would have allowed a summary judgment followed by fines and, even, jail in case of recurrence. That’s what makes the Akhtar’s case so interesting. She has been able to go where nobody else went until now. The consequences of her action are highly damageable to her. They, in the contrary, offer, to her stalked victim, the opportunity to promote a positive image from him. This is an un-foreseen advantage of been stalked, which has never been mentioned until now. It also confirms that, as stressful as it could be, acting on Social Media, under your real name, is the relevant ethical practice.

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Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, a radicalized female cyberstalker from Pakistan

Ms. Rmala Aalam, aka Ramla Akhtar, capture of one of her public video on “Rmala’s projects” Facebook page

Twitter carousel on Google search results

Bernard Grua search on Google
Bernard Grua’s SERP on Google with the Twitter Carousel

Impersonation & harassment by a stalker

Between September 18, 2019, and February 14, 2020, a female Pakistani Twitter user sent 1,001 Tweets against Bernard Grua, mixing stalking, defamation, hate speech, xenophobia, religious fanatism and calumnious denunciations. Identity theft & impersonation are added to these crimes. The name of the victim was stolen by his tormentor for her Twitter ID, Twitter name & Twitter bio. Last but not least, Bernard Grua’s profile picture was also stolen for the stalker Twitter banner. Twitter refuses to take any sanctions. Until now, French justice & Police could not launch any action in Pakistan. The cybercriminal scandalously obtained Youtube to remove the first slideshow. She invoked privacy! The flood of calumnies is made public, it is not only private stalking. These are crimes to be denounced. It is the reason for this second slideshow.

Stories from a cyber criminal abusing mountain communities & foreign guests in Hunza, Pakistan.

These are stories of a toxic female social media user, from Pakistani lowlands who wants to promote distress and hatred in the Upper Hunza Valley. These malicious stalker abuses of the ethnic and religious minorities of the mountain and attacks merciless foreign visitors.

This article on Twitter

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Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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