With closed borders, the  Afghan Wahan has, now, to rely on Tajik citizens solidarity for phone & internet

Afghan Wakhan is the corridor stretching between the town of Ishkashim (Afghanistan) and Chinese border. It has no public infrastructure such as hospital, actual car road and phone network. However, from Ishkashim (Afghanistan) to Gaz Khan (Afghanistan), it is possible to use the TCell network going from Ishakahim (Tajikistan) to Langar (Tajikistan), on the opposite bank of th Panj River, but buying units became a nightmare since Taliban invasion..

How a poor region of Afghanistan sinks into famine under Taliban rule

This is an outstanding but highly alarming direct testimony from an altitude remote and forgotten Afghan region. Far away from any media, the harsh and poor life of local people has been turned, by Taliban, into dereliction and extreme misery. Trapped in a full lockdown, people cannot escape what became a hell with no hope.
Those who, at an international level, whitewash the reputation of the Taliban 2.0 should reflect on the heavy responsibility they are taking.

Comment une région déshéritée d’Afghanistan sombre dans la famine sous la férule des Taliban ?

Il s’agit d’un témoignage direct exceptionnel mais alarmant provenant d’une région afghane reculée et oubliée de tous. Loin des médias, la vie rude et démunie des populations locales est transformée, par les Talibans, en une déréliction et une misère extrême. Pris au piège dans un confinement implacable, les habitants ne peuvent pas échapper à ce qui est devenu un enfer sans espoir.