With closed borders, the  Afghan Wahan has, now, to rely on Tajik citizens solidarity for phone & internet

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Panj-River, Afghan Big Pamir and second part of Afghan Wakhan corridor to Little Pamir, as seen from Langar, Tajikistan

Afghan Wakhan is the corridor stretching between the town of Ishkashim (Afghanistan) and Chinese border. It has no public infrastructure such as hospital, actual car road and phone network. However, from Ishkashim (Afghanistan) to Gaz Khan (Afghanistan), it is possible to use the TCell network going from Ishakahim (Tajikistan) to Langar (Tajikistan), on the opposite bank of th Panj River, but buying units became a nightmare since Taliban invasion.

Since the Taliban invasion of the corridor, borders are closed. Aghan Wakhanis have no possibilities to buy units for their mobile.They struggle to find distant generous Tajik people who can buy units for them and directly credit their phone number. This help is a gift which can’t be refunded. Another consequence is that monitoring the level of the phone credit is a constant concern and very few, if not none, reports come from Afghan Wakhan under Taliban rule.

Tcell, the Tajik network available in part of Afghan Wakhan

This is the situation until Gaz Khan. After this place, it is even worst. There is no network at all for the second part of the corridor and for Little Pamir. Only some people, who went there, bring back a little news. It is said, though not confirmed, that, two days ago, some staff of the Kabul Kyrgyz embassy went to Pamir to meet the Afghan Kyrgyz, the high altitude herders. There is no information available about the purpose of such a visit.

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Publié par Bernard Grua

Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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