From your home, in just a few clicks, take part in the “No Shtandart” campaign

No to Russian ship Shtandart, modus operandi of the media campaign.

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The French media space is literally saturated and corrupted by the propaganda of the Russian ship Shtandart as well as by a fallacious rewriting of European sanctions. Although the tools and resources have been developed to counter this disinformation carried by powerful intermediaries, the truth will only come to light through the determined and collective action of #NoShtandartInEurope activists. This article determines the modus operandi of their endeavour.

The digital sphere is drowned out by pro-Shtandart propaganda

In France, the Russian frigate Shtandart enjoys massive audio, written and video press coverage. This press takes up, without analysis, an « anti-Putin » tale and a misleading presentation of European sanctions drawn up by Vladmir Martus, the ship’s captain, by pro-Russian networks, by maritime heritage enthusiasts, by partners of nautical events (including press) using the paid services of the Russian boat, by the municipality of La Rochelle and by the prefecture of Charente-Maritime. These « main-stream » media are much better indexed than our private publications. As a result, the image of Shtandart, although fake, is saturating the digital space. The demonstration of December 11, 2022, in La Rochelle, gave us legitimacy and a beginning of visibility. But our debunking always comes up against a “glass ceiling”. At most, we are barely beginning to show that the privileges granted to Shtandart are not unanimously accepted.

Response tools are ready and waiting for you.

We must try to exist in the media sphere so that our protest becomes visible.

  • Facebook is a tool for mobilization and coordination, which is why we created the open group “No Shtandart In Europe”, but Facebook publications are rarely showing in Google search results. In addition, finding a somewhat old publication is almost impossible.
  • The question of creating a website arose. Unfortunately, it would have taken time to be correctly indexed, therefore visible. I preferred to create a “sub-blog” on my personal web site, which is already quite aged and has a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • On Twitter, I regularly post about Shtandart. The reactions are encouraging. Again, I use my personal account, which has more than 1100 followers. Creating an audience of this size would have taken a considerable amount of time.
  • We opened an Instagram account, because Shtandart is very present on this social media, where it performs a lot of its commercial promotion. Our goal is to come and insert ourselves in the search results concerning the Russian boat. Thank you to the first 40 followers. However, the account still needs to strengthen to be visible.
  • Eventually, we launched a Pinterest account in order to occupy the image search results.

Your involvement, even slight, is crucial in this digital campaign.

As soon as you talk about Shtandart on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, remember to use at least the hashtags #Shtandart, #Штандарт, #noshtandartineurope. At the same time, you can help, in a decisive way, to promote the committee content to social media and search engines. It will only take you a short time. However, remember that we gain nothing by arguing. We would only make our adversary more visible. The effort should be focused on promoting the content of « No Shtandart ». Our approach is that of opposite content burial, not that of confrontation.

  • Instagram: subscribe to the account @noshtandartineurope. Again, comment and like, when you can. Invite your friends.
  • Facebook: join the group No Shtandart In Europe – Public. If necessary, like, comment and share, it will only be better. Invite your friends.
  • On line articles: we already have thirty-one articles in French, Shtandart-Fr, sixteen articles in English, Shtandart-En, eight articles in Spanish, Shtandart-Es, and seven articles in Ukrainian, Shtandart-Ukr. The number of shares is crucial for SEO. If you can comment, on the website, at the bottom of the articles, this is also very important for Google. Eventually, if you know media that would like to publish one or more of our articles, this would be a great help in sharing our information.
  • Twitter: if you have an account, regularly search with the hashtags #Shtandart, #Штандарт, #noshtandartineurope. You can like, comment and retweet the publications of other members of the committee.
  • Pinterest: it is a very powerful tool, widely ignored. If you have an account, follow @noshtandatineurope. There, more than anywhere else, we need subscribers. Even better, if you can create a “Shtandart” board and repin our posts there, that would be great.

Thank you all, for the time you dedicate to our collective endeavour. Разом !

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Publié par Bernard Grua

Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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