Mariani, the MP of the shame


A delegation of 10 French parliamentarians was on its way to Russia on Wednesday for a three-day trip which will also involve a visit to the annexed peninsula of Crimea near the end of the week, French daily newspaper Le Monde reports.

They will be lead by Thierry Mariani.

Mariani goes to the soup, without worrying about the one who serves it. At the same time, he does not care about the honor of our country, France, with which he rolls in the mud. But when one is dealing with the people he frequents, one enters into a shady world for which he will be accountable one day. Then, plague victim, convicted, he might look for a salvation like Depardieu’s Russian asylum.

He is wrong again. Not celebrated, unknown, useless, he will be sacrificed by his master as the dregs of humanity that the satrap of the Kremlin sent into the Donbass. That day, instead of mourning, we will shoot blue, white and red fireworks. It will not be to honor a regime which, now, prefers the colors of the Colorado potato beetle, but instead, to celebrate our French dignity.

Bought today, Mariani will not even be for Sales, tomorrow. He will die from the hands of those who did not hesitate to wipe off much more important personnalities than this little nauseating pimp.

© Auteur: Bernard Grua, Nantes, France 07/22/2015

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