Under the rabid assaults of Ramla Akhtar, a Pakistani cyberstalker

Ramla Akhtar, business and confusion

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By: Ramla Akhtar | April, 2006 | Karachi | Ramla is a philosopher, entrepreneur, and teacher. | nextbyramla.

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Some of Ramla Aktar’s visuals

Ramla Akhtar’s logo on some social media that was allegedly designed by herself

Ramla Akhtar's logo on some social media that was allegedly designed by herself.
Ramla Akhtars logo

Ramla Akhtar organized some breakfasts with less than 10 people, while she lived in Karachi.

She was able to give an interview about this non-significant experience. She presents this interview on line. For this publication, she made a thumbnail from a stolen image.

Ramla Akhtar avatar for some breakfasts she organized with less than 10 people, while she lived in Karachi
Ramla Akhtar’s thumbnail
A stolen picture

The above logo was stolen from

Ramla Akhtar recorded some speeches about how to write.

This is the avatar of the recorded speeches Ramla Akhtar tries to sell via a well known on line distributor.

Ramla Akhtar's profile picture for the recorded speeches she hold about how to write.
Ramla Akhtar’s on A***

“Profile” picture from a dead Ramla Akhtar’s website on “blogger”.

This picture was stolen by Ramla Akhtar from SunDaze Studios – Artist: Bonnie

Ramla Akhtar's profile picture for her past website.
Dead website on « blogger »

Ramla Akhtar and social media policy

Ramla Akhtar became an active propagandist of social media while she could not access regular media. According to her, social media were the only sincere, honest and authentic source of information, mostly because it allowed publications to free themselves of any fact-checking, ethic and professionalism. There, the alternative world could be come the « real world ». It was the announcement of Ramla Akhtar dropping all the values she has been taught to promote conspiracy theories, rumours she was launching, defamation, calumnious denunciations and hate speech. Though the malevolent dimension of this system is not to underestimate, it failed to reach its dark purposes. Read: How Ramla Akhtar’s stalking Social Media model collapsed?

RamlaAkhtar publication about her misuse of social media.
Social media misuse cover

Ramla Akhtar misuse of social media came to an industrial level. It has severe detrimenal impacts for her victims. But it ruined the professional image this person tried to build. It devastated her numerical image. It isolated her in an unknown misanthropic dimension. Read: PAKISTAN, key data from Ramla Akhtar’s dark Twitter accounts.

Ramla Akhtar fundraising

Despite her origin from a wealthy family, Ramla Akhtar ptakes benefits of the third world status of her country for calling for public donations. Her rather vague and unaccomplished « projects », whith unregistered status and no transparent financial reporting.

Ramla Akhtar's logo for collecting funds.
Ramla Akhtar’s fundraising logo

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@BarefootRara est Ramla Akhtar, une utilisatrice pakistanaise radicalisée de Twitter, la cyberharceleuse la plus prolifique connue à ce jour.

Portrait de @BarefootRara
@BarefootRaRa, @BestInventoryFX, portrait de Ramla Akhtar sur son compte Twitter le 30 janvier 2021

Pillage de culture. Le 29 janvier 2022, une fausse photo de Ramla Akhtar, une mère et sa fille, est apparue sur son compte Twitter @BarefootRaRa. Cette image ne la représente pas. Elle a été volée au photographe Martin Harvey. La femme, ici, est une Berbère du Maroc sur son âne avec un enfant. Cette image ne peut pas être utilisée gratuitement. Elle est en vente sur les galeries d’Alamy et de Getty Images.