Analysis of a new troll conspiracy theory: the « secretly coordinated terror campaign »

Explanations about, a new conspiracy, the «secret terror campaign », it is supposed, according to the Pakistani Ramla Akhtar (RA), being managed against her. Let’s see if it is a tangible, a staged, a neurotic or a paranoiac assessment. Eventually, our analysis will not help us to find the proper qualification. However, we will explore a parallel world where a virtual reality could be the norm. It is an initiation to the dark maze of a troll from a celestial dimension.


This article is a repost of the one published by « Stop-Trolls » about an extremist troll from Pakistan.

Am I aware of this terror accusation?

One more, one less… Where is the problem? Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam (RA),  a resident of Hussaini (Gojal), permanently creates fake news. See § 4.1. Censure and cooking contradictions, fake news building. I will not spend my life debunking this psychedelic case. It is useless. I wrote my extensive paper and addressed all the main issues. Game over. Now, I make sure it goes « to whom it may concern » and that’s all. But I will answer because this is an extremely unusual troll. I am in Nantes, Bretagne, not in Paris, not in Pakistan. I am not the conductor of a fantastic symphony for a contract less faded starlet starving for recognition. As I said, the only thing I did was to publish an article, actually more a kind of audit report – « Report of a French traveler about a domestic hate speech against the Wakhi minority of Chapursan Valley and its male international guests – credibility assessment of an alleged sexual conspiracy against local women and foreign female visitors – concerns about an emerging external extremism » (Note: in this article, all paragraph numbers will refer to this publication). The only thing I am doing, now, is to make sure it is actually shared.
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