Tusion, the hidden gem of Pamir

Tusion (also spelled  Tosion, Tusiyan, Tusen, Тусен) is a wide village situated on Sharldara River a tributary of the Shakhdara (ending in Khorog, in Gunt River). It is spread in numerous settlements on a part of the Eastern slope of the Ishkashim Range.
Its average altitude is around 2 650 m. Though, upper village is closer to 2 900 m. Tusion is roughly located 25 km South-East of Khorog. The Tusion upper village is connected to the Roshtqala-Khorog « main road » with a long and strongly climbing up rough road.

Russian tourism in Pattaya, the reverse side of an exotic paradise

The call of Asia When I was a child, I listened to my very old great-grand-uncle, a former Navy officer, a former optic inventor and finally a Benedictine monk. He talked me the unsurpassed beauty of Along Bay he discovered with the French Navy more than 100 hundred years ago.

« Hay qué precioso lo del flamenco!! »

Madrid, l’héritière infortunée Passer une semaine, en février, à Madrid est une perspective agréable. Toutefois, Madrid, en tant que capitale, n’a pas de chance. Barcelone est une ville de taille équivalente. Elle est bordée de plage. Elle a un patrimoine architectural très supérieur. Le « Bari Gotic » est le centre médiéval le mieux conserve d’Europe. ALire la suite « « Hay qué precioso lo del flamenco!! » »

Visiting Baikal Lake in winter – February/March 2007

Back to Baikal After my Transiberian trip in Summer 2006, I was back on Baikal Lake between February 23 and March 11, 2007. I want to say a very special thank to those who helped me to prepare it. Because of them, I could plan everything, without using any travel agency avoiding « packages »; I mustLire la suite « Visiting Baikal Lake in winter – February/March 2007 »