The Atkinsons and the remarkable Monsieur Alibert and his graphite mine

Siberian Steppes

On their journey to the Jombolok Volcano Field in the Eastern Sayan Mountains of Buryatia in the summer of 1851 the Atkinsons decided to visit a remarkable mine run by a remarkable Frenchman – Jean Pierre Alibert. Lucy describes the visit to the Batagol Mine, the ruins of which still lie in the mountains to the east of the town of Orlik, thus:

From this place we visited a lead mine belonging to a Frenchman. On the road to it we passed many Bouriat winter dwellings, sheltered in a pretty well-wooded valley, with a broad and rapid stream running through it. These people differ from the Kirghis in having fixed abodes. They are exceedingly aristocratic, possessing both summer and winter dwellings. Farther on we found them in their summer habitations, surrounded by numbers of horses and cattle, but few sheep. The men are more industrious than the Kirghis, though…

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Auteur : Bernard Grua

Bernard Grua a une large expérience internationale. ll réside à Nantes et est expert en conseil, réalisation et analyse d'inventaires, préalablement manager dans un cabinet d'audit anglo-saxon , Diplômé de Sciences Po Paris, officier de Marine de réserve. Hobbies: photographie, géopolitique, patrimoine maritime, reportages dans des pays lointains

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